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Eucliwood Hellscythe or Eu is a beautiful necromancer. She is the one who brought Ayumu Aikawa back to life because as far as we can tell, she took a liking to him because he was the first person in the human world to be kind to her. Her powers are so strong she has to wear armor to help seal the magic inside her. She also cannot speak or show emotion in fear that it will unleash her devastating power. Since she decides not to talk she carries around a note pad with her so she can write down what she's thinking. At the beginning she mostly kept to her self and waited for Ayumu to come home so he could cook her dinner. Later though when Haruna and Seraphim joins the group she seems more out going in their often competitive bonding. She does not like people talking about death because she has taken on the pain of anyone she heals or revives.

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