The anime starts out with Ayumu Aikawa , a high school boy who was murdered by an unknown serial killer. But then he was ressurected as a zombie the same night as his murder by Eucliwood Hellscythe who bares the title "Necromancer" who then starts living with Ayumu. As a zombie he does not look or act any differently then he did before, but this time around he is invincible, and apparently unlike regular humans, can use his body to full capacity but he still feels pain. One night when he was relaxing in a graveyard he was attacked by a demon known as a Megalo, thats when Haruna, a Masou Shoujo who wields a magical chainsaw, appears and used her signature "Mystletainn Kick"(not a kick at all), which cut the Megalo right in half but in the process cut Ayumu in half too. Shortly after she finds out Ayumu is a zombie and his body regenerates, but after the battle Haruna, for unknown reasons has lost the ability to transform and use 100% of her powers. The next day Ayumu is attacked by another Megalo after school. Haruna tries to save him but her powers still wont work. She then gives her chainsaw to Ayumu who unfortunately transforms into a girls outfit to save the day. Just when Ayumu's life was hectic enough, with the silent but deadly Eucliwood and the insane genius Haruna, they get another member to their group. Seraphim a vampire ninja, who appears at Ayumu's house seeking the help of Eucliwood Hellscythe to help end a war in her world. She is obsessed with the Tsubemagaishi sword techique, which she combines with her ninja reflexes and vampire powers to become a very deadly alley. She despises Ayumu and can't go a day with out calling him a  choice of words I wouldn't use.

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Kore wa Zombie desu ka is a action packed harem anime.

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